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About us

Ning- 宁 , traditionally written as 甯.

Meaning: Peaceful, calm, serene. We drew inspiration from our natural inclination to be mediators, daydreamers, and social harmony prioritisers.


Creatives at our core instead of businesswomen, though we have tied the two together for Ning. Some of our favourite activities include spending time in an aesthetically decorated cafe with an iced coffee, or curling up in bed with Netflix on.

Our style consists of a dreamy, feminine yet natural vibe that is classy and timeless. We are generally easy-going and have been doing this for years, but due to not having naturally loud/ low voices we may be misunderstood often. Hence, here's a section for our prospective clients to understand our work ethic and style better!

Read this before booking us :)

We believe that photographs serve to magnify what is already there - we see love, beauty, and raw, intimate moments at our clients' weddings, and so we strive to frame that in our shots. Simply put, our works are less for the 'gram and more for the core memories - in ten years' time, we'd prefer to reminisce about how wide the smiles were on our loved ones' faces. But don't get us wrong - we'd love for you to post our photos on social media nonetheless 😂

We are creatives at heart with a vision in mind, and would require our clients to communicate with us if there are specific shots they would like out of their session. Do let us know if there is anything you would like to place emphasis on so that we can discuss these together and manage expectations! 🙏🏻

As a Photography team, we assign photoshoots based on each Photographer's strengths and availability. While we have a main team, we have associates that we work closely with & trust wholeheartedly as well. Feel free to check with us if you have any preferences/ referrals and we will try our best to accommodate accordingly.

For full-day weddings, we would love to have a chat with our clients to get to know them and their stories better. If you would like to have us for your Big Day, feel free to contact us here!

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