Stay Home Photoshoot Series


What's a photographer to do when she's stuck at home all day?

Transitioning from having shoots, school and work almost everyday to a full two-month duration of quarantine sure was a challenge for me. However, it did help me to get a little more creative and explore new editing styles and poses!

Here's a summary of some themes that I curated from my humble flat over the past month or so.

Pocket full of Sunshine

Found a random yellow cloth on a shelf and knew it had to be paired with my numerous sunflower props!

Nordic Explorer

I had these gorgeous maps for awhile, but never found the time and motivation to plan a shoot with them ever since I got them. Used this time as an opportunity to decorate my bedroom and get some shots with them as well! Really glad that my wooden bed frame and white sheets complemented the colour scheme and helped to get the feel that I wanted.


Starry night sky

I owned an adorable star lamp that I knew was the perfect prop for shots with darker settings. As most of my photography work centralises around outdoor locations and natural lighting, I simple used it for a quick selfie underneath a starry black cloth and it turned out better than expected.


Rustic Garden

This small bouquet of dried flowers consists of random roses, baby's breath and pampas collected by florists after my wedding shoots! I decided to pair it with a macrame gifted by one of my friends (they know how much I love owning photography props) as it had such a nice rustic feel to it. 

Here's a before and after too! Spot the HDB window peeking out from the top of the shot before it got edited. The top image was shot using my camera, and the one on the left was shot using my iPhone.


Here is another before and after edition! Was not very fond of the shot in general as I found it too messy for my liking. Changed my mind after I managed to clean it up a little and neutralise the tone more to my liking :)


Cereal Shooter

This was honestly the most difficult (and exhausting) shot out of the entire series. Getting the cereal to focus was real challenging especially with my tripod and self-timer. I initially wanted to do more with the Froot Loops, like pouring milk into the bowl, etc. but it was simply too tough to coordinate everything!!

Photo on the left was shot with my camera, while the one on the right was shot with my iPhone.



The funny story behind this concept was that the white pieces used actually came from a bowl I accidentally broke during dinner. I guess the creative in me simply couldn't bear to throw it away just yet!

Bohemian Bride

The beautiful gowns were from Warm Whites, and stunning pampas set from Kesed Creates! Two lovely girl bosses I made friends with along the way throughout my wedding photography journey. 

The photo on the right is one of my favourites as the supposed light/ sun rays were actually just shadow castings by a spatula and my phone flash!




Vintage-inspired edit series

I would consider my editing style to be a combination of ethereal and Bohemian. I was always intrigued by vintage, old-school images as I really loved its overall aesthetic, and so I decided to conduct a vintage series of my own! Don't have much props and outfits that is fully vintage, but I hoped that the style and editing still evoked the feels I was going for :) Outfit styling was also so much fun! This time round, I also featured my doggo who I must say steals the focus most of the time.


I had tons of fun having my own photoshoots at home and this is honestly the first time I placed so much effort into my own photos. Will probably be spending the rest of my Circuit Breaker doing other things, like updating this website and picking up new hobbies as I've had my fill of being a photographer-model (it's real tiring!).


Feel free to contact me if you would like to shoot any of the themes above, I'll be happy to bring them along for a shoot :)