Faustina and Andy

We knew we wanted to go big for Faustina and Andy's only pre-wedding shoot. With the help of this amazing team, I got to shoot a rustic elopement theme with an ethereal, light-hearted touch.

If you're looking for your pre-wedding shots to look that extra stunning, I strongly recommend some set-up decoration to the location. For this series, I knew I wanted a location with tall grasses to complement the round arch. Pampas (the yellow plant framing the entire arch) stood out yet fitted the natural landscape, while the light pink roses added a dreamy touch.


Warm and rustic tones have gained popularity recently, especially due to inspiration from Western weddings. The problem with the tones of such editing styles, however, is that it often does not complement our skin colour very well. This series is an example of how I combined the wants of a warm, Bohemian vibes with the need for my subjects to still have radiant-looking skin! Feel free to also check out this series for more Asian-Bohemian inspo ;)


The result: something special. Something I can call my own.



Special thanks to the following vendors (go check them out if you're looking for impeccable service!):

Set-up: Your Style Concepteurs | Gowns: Blush House Bridal | Hair and Makeup: Honour Makeup | Florist: 7PM Blooms

Bohemian wedding photoshoot
Bohemian pre-wedding photography
Rustic Bohemian style taken in Singapore
Black and white couple wedding photo
Bohemian wedding bridal hair and makeup
Bohemian bride style
Pampas arch styling for pre wedding photoshoot
Arch wedding decoration photography
Rustic Bohemian style taken in Singapore
Rustic Bohemian style taken in Singapore
Wedding ring in outdoor photoshoot
Outdoor wedding photoshoot nature
Double exposure wedding photography
Pampas floral arch wedding photoshoot
Round arch for pre-wedding shoot nature outdoors
Wedding ring and fairy light floor

Part 2 at Punggol Beach, against the setting sun.

Beach Pre-wedding photoshoot
Beach bridal photography
Beach bridal gown photoshoot
Wedding photoshoot by the beach
Pre wedding photography by the beach
Sunset beach wedding photoshoot
Sunset beach wedding pre wedding shoot
Beach nature couple wedding photography
Beach wedding photgraphy
Black and white monochrome wedding photography
Sunset wedding nature shoot
Faustina and Andy pre-wedding
Pastel sunset wedding photoshoot
Sunset romantic beach wedding
Mermaid sunset beach bridal shoot
Romantic beach nature couple shoot
Rustic Bohemian style taken in Singapore

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